Endorsements for the FNV New Testament

DanHawkReading the First Nations Version: New Testament is like listening to a wise elder pass down ancient teachings. Its oral cadences give the Scriptures new room to breathe. While contemporary translations focus on updating language in a modern mode, the FNV recaptures the sense of tradition that binds faithful readers to our past and to the story that tells us who we are. It is a good gift to everyone who walks the Jesus Way.

L. Daniel Hawk, Ph.D. , Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew, Ashland Theological Seminary


“The First Nations Version is awesome! I like using Luke and Ephesians FNV for Bible study at San Juan College. It brings more discussion as well as answering questions on certain phrases about what Jesus says in the gospels. I recommend this book to use from a First Nation perspective. Thank you First Nations Version Project for the work you’re doing for First¬†Nations people.”

Rashawn Ramone, Navajo, Intervarsity USA Staff

limWe use the First Nations Version for our Sunday Bible verse. We love it! We also anticipate using it on future projects.

Lutheran Indian Ministries