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FNV LogoThe First Nations Version Project is a retelling of the Sacred Writings for Native Americans and other English speaking First Nations People.

FNV is a new translation and paraphrase of the Bible in the tradition of the storytellers from the oral cultures.

rainsongA Rain Ministries and RainSong Music and Storytelling Project.

Rain Ministries is a Non Profit Organization.2014.05.17.1 Good MedicineFB

Finished1st Goal:  Publish “Birth of the Chosen One” a book for children of all ages. Completed Nov 1st 2013.

Finished2nd Goal:  Publish “When the Great Spirit Walked Among Us” combining the four Gospels into one narrative, by August 2014. Now available for orders!

3rd Goal:  Publish the Book of Acts and Ephesians by November 2015.

4th Goal: Finish Entire New Testament by 2017.